Ukrainian Officials Identify Critical Electric Equipment Needs, Here’s How You Can Help

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Since October, news reports have been highlighting Russian attacks on Ukraine’s electric power infrastructure as part of the ongoing conflict between the two countries.

Moscow’s targeted missile and drone attacks have focused on energy facilities and crucial infrastructure, with the intention of exerting pressure on Ukraine’s government and population. These attacks are intended to weaken the resolve of Ukrainian civilians and potentially force Kyiv to negotiate on terms favorable to Russia.

In recent days, Russian forces launched new rounds of missile attacks on several Ukrainian cities, resulting in significant power outages. Despite the attacks, Ukrainian officials and analysts suggest that the strikes have not weakened Ukraine’s determination.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has stated that these bombardments have caused severe damage to the country’s infrastructure, reportedly destroying around half of it. This includes power lines, water mains, and heating systems, as well as homes, schools, offices, and churches.

In early December, Electricity Canada (EC) held discussions with senior Ukrainian diplomatic and electricity industry officials. These officials are urgently seeking assistance to secure critical equipment needed to address their energy infrastructure challenges.

Despite previous concerns about compatibility issues due to differences in frequency or voltage standards, Ukrainian officials are now willing to adapt and work around such issues to ensure the supply of power.

Ukraine’s urgent equipment requirements include transmission autotransformers for their transmission system, with specific voltage classes and adaptability. The officials have signaled that they will accept 60Hz equipment and are most urgently in need of autotransformers for various voltage classes.

Furthermore, station and switchyard equipment has been heavily damaged, creating a demand for various types of transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors, surge arresters, and other essential components.

The extent of the damage has prompted Ukrainian energy officials to compile extensive lists of immediate equipment needs, ranging from power cables and steel-aluminum wire to transformer oil and complete secondary substations.

Given the urgency of the situation, Ukrainian officials are even open to purchasing used and decommissioned transformers to restore service, even if it provides only a few months of operation.

PowerGrid International, in collaboration with its parent company Clarion Events, is partnering with the Ukrainian World Congress to raise awareness about Ukraine’s critical need for electric power infrastructure. You can learn also about Europe’s Alternative to U.S. Clean Energy Incentives Revealed here.

The goal is to gather support and assistance to help the country navigate through the challenges of the winter season.

For those interested in providing assistance or more information on equipment and material needs, they can contact the Ukrainian World Congress or David Wagman, Vice President of Energy Content at Clarion Events.

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